HIV diagnosed & treatment initiated; HCV treatment after 20 years.

During April 2024, we interacted with a person who use who knew his HCV antibody status for 20 years. Due to ignorance and lack of knowledge about HCV he had not undergone HCV RNA test. After counselling and informed consent, his blood sample was taken and sent to a private laboratory to accelerate diagnosis process. He was confirmed RNA positive the next day. He was also diagnosed with HIV infection during this process.

Action Taken: The person was linked to JNIMS ART centre and initiated on TLD on 6 April 2024. Supportive counselling was provided to him on treatment adherence and need of regular monitoring during the course of treatment. The Medical Officer in the ART centre suggested to prepare initiating for his HCV treatment after 15 days from the date of HIV treatment initiation. Subsequently his HCV treatment was initiated on 18 April 2024 with SOF/DAC for 12 weeks.