Community-led monitoring in action

Community-led monitoring (CLM) has gained momentum in recent years as revitalized and reimagined intervention that mobilizes communities affected by health inequalities to monitor how services are provided and co-create solutions with key partners to improve them.

CLM as part of the community-led response is playing a significant role in bridging the “last mile” gaps by providing good-quality services to the right people, in the right ways, in the right places, thereby contributing to ending AIDS as a public health threat, addressing other health issues such as TB and malaria, and minimizing health inequalities.

As health actors look towards CLM to improve the quality of health services and systems, it is necessary to review the current state of CLM, and to document opportunities for CLM to become an integral part of community-driven national responses.

This report aims to serve as a snapshot in time. It seeks to document the main lessons learnt in an accessible format. It supports national decision-makers to scale up discussions around the value and contribution of CLM to national AIDS responses and other health programmes.