HIV treatment re-initiated, hepatitis B status completely informed and hepatitis C treatment initiated

During February in a voluntary drug treatment program, we interacted with a street-based person who use drugs who shared having stopped his HIV related anti- retroviral treatment for the last one year which he attributed to his drug use habits. The data enumerators, upon counselling also provided screening for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and hepatitis C antibody, both of which were reactive.

Action Taken: Data enumerators, after counselling on the need for antiretroviral treatment for HIV, knowing HBV status, treatment and cure of HCV, collected his blood samples for the required laboratory investigations.
On 4 th March, the person was re-initiated on HIV treatmet. His HBV DNA was undetectable so no action needed for HBV. His HCV RNA was detected and subsequently linked to the Model Treatment Center at JNIMS for treatment.