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Enabling hepatitis C treatment using insurance

During data collection, data enumerators, also engages care recipients on other areas of healthcare such as challenges in health insurance, including overdue payment of premiums which may hinder access to treatment since the pre-treatment tests are covered by the insurance. Discussions between data enumerator and hepatitis program managers at the South Sulawesi Provincial Health Office […]

Access to Treatment: Power of peers

A family member of a person living with hepatitis C approached Peduli Hati Bangsa during July, through social media channels to inquire about availability of medicines to treat hepatitis C in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, West Java. Peduli Hati Team followed up with the hospital team and they confirmed that there has been a stock […]

Getting cured from hepatitis C

A person undergoing hepatitis C treatment in Fatmawati hospital approached Peduli Hati with concerns that she might not be able to access sofosbuvir/daclatasvir for the 6th month of treatment as there was stock out during March. She was also diagnosed with a cirrhotic liver and had obtained 5 months of medicines from the hospital. Action […]

Moving the National CLM agenda

Peduli Hati Bangsa was involved in the development of the Indonesian CLM Technical Guidelines, adapted from tools that are available now, in the second half of 2023. This is aimed at providing a standard tool for CLM implementors in the country. It is proposed to be published as CLM national guidelines in 2024.

Easing access to HIV treatment for differently abled

Data enumerator came across a visually challenged person living with HIV at Labuang Baji Regional Hospital, South Sulawesi, Indonesia while collecting data during July. The person was facing consistent difficulty in collecting the HIV medicines every month from the facility. Action taken: An agreement was reached with the manager at the facility that our data […]

Hepatitis C medicine stock-shortage resolved

During third week of October 2023 various call were received from the community regrading shortage of medicines (DAAs) used for treatment of hepatitis C in the Treatment Centre at Bishnupur district. Some patients coming to access medicine from Bishnupur district hospital were not given monthly doses of the medicines needed. Action taken: The State Nodal […]

Hepatitis B still is a struggle: one at a time

During October 2023 our data enumerator came across a respondent. He fulfilled all criteria to initiate treatment for hepatitis B (HBV) under the guidelines of the India National Viral Hepatitis Control Program (NVHCP). Unfortunately, he had not initiated his treatment despite being eligible. Action taken: The respondent was provided with basic information on the NVHCP […]

Ripple effect: Ensuring hepatitis C treatment

During November 2023 data collection process, one respondent on hepatitis C (HCV) informed the data enumerator about another one of his friend who is HCV RNA positive. In the same month, two data enumerators visited his residence, upon which he was found bed-ridden after he met an accident. Due to his condition, he was yet […]

Adolescents living with HIV benefiting from educational benefit scheme

Recently Education department, Government of Manipur launched a scheme called “Chengaak Khonghou” where financial aid of 10,000 Rupees is provided to adolescents living with or affected by HIV and undergoing graduation and post-graduation course. During the data collection process, we met several people living with HIV sharing difficulties in maintaining family and children’s education. We […]

Not all are aware of routine viral load monitoring

Even after HIV viral load test become a routine monitoring test in India some are still not aware. During our data collection work, we came across a respondent who didn’t undergo his HIV viral load test even after exceeding one year. During our interaction we understood that he was not aware about the importance of […]